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Mobile Patrols

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to constantly monitor every one of their employees in every one of their locations.

On-Guard Patrol Security’s mobile security patrols can provide coverage for larger areas where static security guards cannot – offering security beyond their fixed locations.

When it comes to mobile security patrols, visibility is key – which is why when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site, they will be fully uniformed and in a clearly marked patrol vehicle. On-Guard Patrol can provide guards specific to each role to ensure sensitivity and security is catered to.

Our security guards can patrol a number of different locations, including open areas (schools, parks, golf courses), areas too dangerous for solo security guards (areas with high crime, underground parking, shopping centres) and areas with restricted line-of-sight (warehouses, factories, shipping yards). With a variety of security solutions on offer, we can design our packages to suit your needs – so whether your premises require hourly visits or even random patrols, On-Guard Patrol Security can deliver security effectively and successfully.